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7 settembre 2009

Video esclusivo sulla web tv di megathai!

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All 8 FINAL16 Cards to be Announced Here Exclusively!!
FieLDS K-1 WORLD GP 2009 IN SEOUL -FINAL16- (Seoul, Korea, Olympic Gymnasium / September 26.2009) Card to be Announced.


Friday, September 04, 2009 The fightcards have been announced and the Top 16 are ready to compete for a spot in the World Grand Prix Final. So is it just a matter of training hard and doing your best in the ring? Fightfans know better. When victory is on the line and physical endurance is pushed to the limit, it's motivation that gives a fighter that extra jolt of energy, that last bolt of speed, that final needed focus. This year's Final 16 each want a chance to go to Yokohama Arena on December 5th and fight for the K-1 WGP crown, but they all have something to prove as well. Read on and see what these men are really fighting for.

New blood battle

Last year's WGP Final saw Badr Hari rip through the competition to make it into the final round only to foul his way to a disqualification. This year, he's back in stride as evinced by his explosive knockout of three-time consecutive WGP champ Semmy Schilt. Facing him is talented up-and-comer Zabit Samedov, the winner of the European tournament. Young, sleek, quick, and powerful, these two promise a head-on collision that will rock the K-1 ring. For Hari, it is a chance to prove that he is the one to lead the way for the next generation of fighters. If Samedov wins, he can make a real name for himself becoming the man who stopped the Badr Hari juggernaut.
Russian Machine Gun takes aim at Japan's first Heavyweight champ.

There's no doubt that Kyotaro is on his way up. Defeating powerhouses Sakhi and Manhoef and becoming K-1 Heavyweight Champion are just the beginning for the Japanese warrior. His meteoric rise has also made him a target, and Ruslan "The Russian Machine Gun" Karaev has an itchy trigger finger. Millions of Japanese have been waiting for a Japanese WGP champ. Could Kyotaro be the one, or will Karaev cut that dream short?
Defeated 3-time WGP champ looking to avenge lost honor and rising star Daniel Ghita is in the way!

Last year, Schilt lost the chance to defend his third consecutive crown when Peter Aerts took him down in the Final 16 match.

Schilt isn't about to let his chance to avenge his honor get away that easily. But his first obstacle is new comer Daniel Ghita who defeated all comers in the Final Elimination by knockout and all in the first round! Can Ghita's low kick topple the Dutch giant? This one can't be missed!
The spirits and bodies of two true warriors clash in this youngblood battle.

Last year, Texeira came to challenge K-1 as Kyokushin's world champion and proved himself worthy of challenging the world's greatest fighters. He has the natural weapons honed to perfection. Here to stop him in his tracks is India's first K-1 heavyweight fighter, Singh "Heart" Jaideep. Both have the will and the way, but which way will prevail? Anything could happen in this ring.
MMA poster boy Overeem takes on "Mr.K-1"

Overeem made a big splash last New Year's years when he destroyed his K-1 opponents in their own ring. It's no surprise that he was voted fan-favorite this year. Facing the young upstart is none other than K-1 veteran Peter Aerts who is gunning for a fourth WGP win. Aerts has shown that he is still a major contender while Overeem has also proved that he is up to the challenge. The best of both worlds come together in a universe shattering collision!
Finesse versus force!

Fan's second choice for most popular fighter went to "Wild One" Melvin Manhoef. Facing him in the ring is current WGP champ Remy Bonjasky who is out to silence doubters who think he hasn't earned his third crown. Though Bonjasky made short work of Manhoef in their last two outings, Manhoef commented to interviewers that the next victory will be his. Will the third time be the charm? Kick versus punch. Gentle versus wild. This is the kind of battle that K-1 was created for.
Kyokushin's Monster takes on newcomer Errol Z

Glaube Feitosa proved earlier this year that he was still in the game by KOing Sawayashiki and was fans' fourth choice for joining the Final 16 tournament.

The Brazilian karateka is laying it all on the line saying that this is his last year. 23-year old Zimmerman is happy to send off K-1's veterans with some parting gifts that take a month or so to heal. Will we see another Brazilian Kick finish before Feitosa retires, or is it time for the next generation to shine?
Last chance for glory in a fight for retribution!

Thanks to overwhelming fan support, K-1 producers decided to give Musashi, who recently announced an impending retirement, his last chance to become Japan's first WGP champion. LeBanner himself has been troubled with a spotty record since his arm-shattering injury in 2002. They both have something to prove. They both have decided that they will not go quietly. They are here to stand upon the K-1 summit and yell to the world, "I am the World's Greatest!" How much of a man can you see in 9 short minutes when it's all on the line? You see...everything.

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